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manageropenIt is our labour of love to make a stand for noble causes and to feel the importance and joy of volunteering. But besides corporate social responsibility, the Corinthia Hotel Budapest team also supports initiatives and events that are based on creating value and forming communities. The Manager Open is one such example.

Business people from all sectors and fields competing in a healthy and fun way: this tournament is a perfect opportunity for managers to forget about charts, data, deals, strategies and deadlines. Tamás Hámori, organizer of the Manager Open, is enthusiastic about the upcoming games: “It is amazing to look back to the time when everything started. Eleven years ago there were only a couple managers for whom tennis meant more than just a hobby, but they were excellent businessmen at the same time. I wanted to involve more players and over the years it turned out that this tournament developed faster than I ever dreamed possible. It is gratifying to see colleagues, friends, players who were there at the first match still competing with undiminished energy and passion. This year, managers will have the chance to compete in nine cities around Hungary with the final being organized in Budapest.”

The tournament is open to anyone from any company, city or country. The only condition is to have a partner, since this competition is not about playing solo. The aim of the contest is also to strengthen business – and personal – partnerships in a free-and-easy way. And it really is worth applying: there are fantastic prizes and, of course, the champion’s cup and gold medal go to the winner. There are several categories, so increasing the chances to succeed in the Manager Open.

We at Corinthia Hotel Budapest are extremely proud to enter the tournament: General Manager Mr. Thomas M. Fischer’s passion and talent for tennis is undeniable, therefore we are very much looking forward to this year’s Manager Open. It will be our big chance to show once again that our service is among the best in the country, in the context of tennis as well.


11140003_10152790048767477_6759599542990535775_nHow plain and height With dewdrops are bright! How
pearls have crown’d The plants all around! How sighs the
breeze Thro’ thicket and trees! How loudly in the sun’s clear
rays The sweet birds carol forth their lays!” Goethe is one of
my favourite writers and poets and I simply love to lounge in
the evening with one of his books and a glass of cool, feather
light rosé wine. Call me sentimental, but as I read this lovely
poem titled In Summer by this genius author, I really started
to feel the energy of this upcoming wonderful season.
At Corinthia Hotel Budapest I get the same vibes from the
team and as you read the articles of Your Corinthia Magazine,
I am sure that you, too, will have the same impression through
our colourful and exciting programmes, offers and news.
This month, Executive Chef Peter Bolyki surprises us
with a spicy vegetarian meal for an authentic Far Eastern
sensation. Quick to prepare, tempting to taste and lovely
to smell: this Thai Red Curry with Asparagus and Tofu is
really worth sampling. Beside the royal flavours, we are
proud to present other departments of the hotel as well.
Last month we were happy to introduce Balázs Cserháti,
the outstanding lifeguard of the Royal Spa – that is simply
beyond all praise. Therefore, this time we pay a visit to
another department of Corinthia Hotel Budapest and
introduce an excellent member of Purchasing, Gábor Eszes,
who talks about his impressions, experiences and career.
The Brunches of May are also very special. Our heartwarming
Mother’s Day programme provides a special way
to say thank you to the hardest working and most caring
member of the family. The following weekend we continue
with the sweetest brunch ever, calling all chocoholics for
our Chocolate Brunch. We also invite you to sail away
with us to the island of the finest dishes (third weekend in
May), when instead of waiters, real pirates will be serving
guests. Don’t miss the hearty rum cocktails created just for
this event! If you still hanker after adventure, we invite you
to take a ride down the iconic ‘mother road’, enjoying the
best of traditional American food accompanied by artisan
beer on the Route 66 Brunch. The last Sunday of May is
always dedicated to children. Therefore we are all aglow to
offer an array of the finest dishes including all the favourite
meals of little ones with the usual haute cuisine experience
that the Brasserie & Atrium Restaurant is famous for.
The cultural and leisure opportunities of Budapest offer
countless new programmes in May as well, and so our
Concierge team is always happy to recommend some
of them to provide more insight into the life of our
enchanting capital for both sunny and rainy days.
I trust that you will enjoy this month’s edition of our magazine
and you will find within its pages programmes that meet
your needs and interests and that best suit your taste.

Your Corinthia Magazine 2015 May by Corinthia Hotel Budapest

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