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Amcham2_corinthia_footballOnce again this year our hotel entered the Sports Day arranged by the American Chamber of Commerce in Hungary, making this the third time we have taken part in the event. Entries were accepted for three sports: soccer, basketball and table tennis. The programme was organized in Telki Globall Sport Hotel on Saturday 20 September. Our first football match kicked off at 8.30 am, and the first basketball match at 8.50 am, so it was an early start for all as the somewhat sleepy looking sportsmen and women gathered at the hotel’s staff entrance at 7 am  Our departure turned out to be slightly exciting since we ‘forgot’ one of the top players in our basketball team (because he overslept! Sorry, Máté!  ). The setting and the hotel itself were beautiful and we all gave our best to get into the top teams.
Our football team managed the best results of the past three years and wound up the tournament undefeated. The team didn’t come up against a stronger side but still overall the players were disappointed because they could have progressed into the final, yet at critical moments they only managed draws instead of wins.

The most painful was the first group match against DHL, where our team maintained control of play all the way through, but an unlucky goal in the final minute meant that our old rivals managed a 2-2 result, after which they progressed to the final with four draws and just a single win. Thus our team missed out on the group leadership spot, but they remained unbeaten against Telenor and Dr. Rose, while they managed a safe 2-goal lead over Johnson & Johnson and AIG, thereby closing the tournament with an absolute positive balance. This means our opponents cannot rest easy in the run up to next year’s Amcham Sports Day.

The basketball players fought a massive battle from start to finish. The struggle for third place saw incredible moves on the court. In the end we just managed fourth, but this is no cause for sadness! I reckon that the team we put together and the time we spent together, just like the weeks prior to the match we spent in training, make us worthy of first place!!

The day saw three truly outstanding players. Uncle Ernő Varga showed enormous spirit in achieving first place in the ping-pong championship for the second time. Our pool attendant Attila Bencze came third. Péter Sztancsek was also on form for the event… with 2140 keepie uppies, he won the keepie uppie competition by a long way!

Congratulations to everybody!

Thanks for participating:
Basketball team: Judit Aranyosi, Éva Ferencz, Nikolett Sümegi, Gábor Döry, Dániel Bakay, Sándor Fehér, Szilárd Haidekker, Máté Fehér, Péter Puskás, Péter Sárkány.

Soccer team: Gábor Kluka, Tamás Hamza, Zoltán Kopunovics, Péter Sztancsek, Tamás Bajkai, Csaba Bajkai, Mihály Szarka, Roland Hulman, Sándor Fehér.

Table tennis: Ernő Varga, Attila Bencze.

Our thanks also to the enthusiastic supporters: Károly Bajcsi, Csaba Holdi, Tibor Rácz


The Grand Story of Corinthia Hotel Budapest by Tibor Meskal, Sr. Manager on Duty Chapter 17

doboscakeThe constatnt presence of foreigners and travellers from all corners of the world certainly added
sex-appeal for local artists. If there was any opportunity to meet a potential investor or a maecenas
of Hungarian art, the Grand Hotel Royal was the place to go. Inparticular its coffee house was a good place to meet foreigners. At the Café all the daily papers were available, weekly magazines could be read, and you were able to sit with one single cup of coffee for one whole day, with your glass of water constantly refreshed by a waiter whose income largely depended on your tip. The Royal Café was also the home to what has been described as the tastiest dobos Torte in the world. The ‘Dobos Torta’ (Dobos Cake) is Hungary’s answer to austria’s Sacher Torte. József C. Dobos invented this cake around 1885. He wanted to create a cake that lasted at least 10 days.The cake became the most famous of all internationally renown Hungarian cakes. In 1895, Dobos published
the recipe. On good days a few hundred slices were sold at the Royal.

More about our hotel’s history: Andreas Augustin: The Most Famous Hotels in the World. – Grand Hotel Royal

Check the latest creations and the rethought recipe of the Dobos Cake by our Pastry Chef, Attila Menyhart.


The Grand Story of Corinthia Hotel Budapest by Tibor Meskal, Sr. Manager on Duty Chapter 16

1900palmcourt - CopyHungarian intellectuals of cultural and political influence adopted the hotel as their base. Around 1902 a group of artists, musicians, actors, painters, sculptors and architects decided to establish their own artists’ association, the Fészek Club (meaning ’nest’, composed from the charadters F.é.s.z.e.k., which stand for the Hungarian words Painter, architects, actors, musicians and comedians). The first president was Béla Környei, a famous opera tenor of the time. Its venue: The Royal. Coffee house headwaiter Török had special orders to always group the most attractive young ladies around the tables of the nest club members. a good tip assured his friendly attention to the matter.

Artist József Rippl-Rónai complained that it was difficult to find an appropriate space to exhibit his
paintings. The hotel manager, Gyula Várady, swiftly came up with an offer of a free room at the Royal for the duration of his first exhibition. Today his paintings sell for tens of thousands of euros. While the Royal Café was the regular meeting place of The Royal Artists’ Club, other associations like the János Vajda Club held meetings with public readings in the hotel. One day in 1908, two hungarian writers and intellectuals, Ernô Osvát and Miksa Fenyô, sat together at the Royal Café. Over a cup of coffee; they discussed the foundation of a literary and social journal. Over a second cup, they decided to call it nyugat (The west). This was the start of a significant periodical in the history of Hungarian literature. Until 1941, the greatest writings of the first half of the 20th century first appeared in this periodical. The Nyugat and the János Vajda Club organised public readings at the Royal.

The Royal was a regular meeting place for Freemasons, with the symbolic grand lodge of hungary formed in 1886. at its height, Hungarian Freemasonry boasted more the 7,000 members.

More about our hotel’s history: Andreas Augustin: The Most Famous Hotels in the World. – Grand Hotel Royal

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