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Corinthia Hotel Budapest,
the Historic Grand Dame of Hungary’s Capital,
Announces an Exclusive “Behind the Scenes Grand Budapest Hotel” Three -Night Luxury Experience

2013_11_07_GrandBudapestThe GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL, Wes Anderson’s latest all-star film, recounts the adventures of Gustave H, a legendary concierge at a famous European hotel between the wars. Corinthia Hotel Budapest, which originally opened in 1896 as the Grand Hotel Royal, shares several similarities with the movie’s fictional Grand Budapest Hotel, including a remarkably similar facade.
The Grand Hotel Royal was Europe’s first grand hotel and royal spa. The earliest filmmakers, the Lumière brothers, held their first cinematographic screening in Europe outside of Paris, at the hotel. In 1915, the Hotel’s Royal Ballroom was transformed into the Royal Apollo Cinema seating over 1,000 viewers. In 2002, the luxury Corinthia Hotel Group, painstakingly and elegantly, restored the original Grand Hotel Royal to its former glory.
Corinthia Hotel Budapest’s exclusive three-night “Behind the Scenes” stay offers movie buffs the opportunity to experience the special ambiance of an historic “Grand Hotel,” along with the best of 21st century luxury. Start the story with a ‘Behind the Scenes” tour at the Hotel, learning about the history of the Hungarian film industry which has its roots in the Corinthia Hotel’s Grand Ballroom. Guests will also be able to enjoy the Executive Club facilities and pamper themselves in the beautifully restored Royal Spa, ten years older than even the original hotel.
The “Behind the Scenes” package provides guests with the unique opportunity to attend a VIP Grand Budapest Hotel movie screening at the Arena Plaza cinema and a walking tour of the Hungarian capital’s most famous movie set locations. Topping off this “Behind the Scenes” experience, guests will enjoy a special view of Budapest from a cruise on the Danube.
The three-night “Behind the Scenes” experience starts at EUR 842 (approximately $1,150) for two, including buffet breakfast, valid from April 4 to December 25, 2014.
Please visit for booking information and terms and conditions.


husz_zsofia_LZ4T7586Interview with Zsófia Husz,
F&B Coordinator

How long have you worked at the hotel?
My career with Corinthia started in Malta in July 2010, where I worked for nearly two years at Corinthia Hotel St George’s Bay, although after this I was drawn back to Hungary by my family and friends, and the opportunity to develop my career. While in Malta I applied for the position of Bar Supervisor at the Royal, that had become vacant in 2012, and which I filled for seven months. Then in July 2013, I made an application for the post of F&B Coordinator, which is where I am working at the moment.

Which areas have you worked in, and where are you now?
Currently I am active in the job of F&B Coordinator, but I started my career as a waitress at the Pearl Lounge lobby bar in Malta, and then I worked here in Hungary as Bar Supervisor in Le bar Lobby Bar.
What are your duties?
In my job I am under the direct supervision of the Food and Beverage Director and his deputy. I look after correspondence and do translations. I translate menus and prepare them for publication. I take care of the filing and mailing of incoming and outgoing correspondence. It is my job to draw the forms and stationery required by the restaurant directorate. I take table reservations for special occasions and fixed events, and arrange all the administration. I draft circulars from the restaurant directorate, copy directives and look after their duplication and forwarding. Furthermore, it is my duty to handle the administration of contracted staff working at events, book them and make sure the admin is in place. I prepare the notices of the daily buffet selections for the restaurant and bar. I maintain contact with several graphic design studios and with printers, and I correct and coordinate material, flyers and menus.

What was your happiest experience in relation to the hotel?

I was surprised by the warm welcome I received in the hotel abroad, as a Hungarian working in Malta, and also when, prior to the extension of my contract, I said that I missed my family and friends very much, and the possibility of advancing up the career ladder in Malta would be difficult without a knowledge of Maltese, that is why I would like to continue my career back in Hungary. They were very understanding and helpful. Mr. Chapel, General Manager in Malta, without even being asked contacted Mr Fischer and assured me that there was the possibility of continuing my career at home within the framework of Corinthia. I find it hard to believe that in any other luxury hotel chain anyone – outside HR – would have been interested in the future of a waitress, to a level where GMs corresponded by e-mail on this topic. I love the job and the knowledge that my work is appreciated and valued, and later on I will have the opportunity of taking up the challenge in other posts, and thereby advancing. This reinforces in me the feeling that it is well worth remaining loyal. I am absolutely certain that our guests also recognize this type of care when they step over the threshold of the hotel.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
This largely depends on my mood, but I enjoy active, quality leisure, I am not the type to sit at home, although after a frantic week this also has its attractions. I enjoy all kinds of sports, everything from rafting to snowboarding or a simple run around the track on Margaret Island. If I can, I like to spend time with my friends and family. I really enjoy travelling, both abroad and in Hungary.


2014_§3_YCMFinally, after a grey and rainy winter, spring is just around the corner and we, too, are putting renewed energy into The Year of New Momentum.

We honour and appreciate women right at the very start of the month. To mark International Women’s Day, we have put together several exotic dishes such as lobster tail with passion fruit sorbet and special accoutrements, which will be made available through room service. Naturally, we have not forgotten to arrange a Women’s Day Brunch, either. In line with tradition we are organizing a National Brunch complete with Hungarian specialities, decor and programme plus Hungaricums on the Sunday of the national holiday weekend of 15 March.

There are similarly interesting themed brunches in the second half of the month, with the emphasis – as always – on new experiences and entertainment. We turn the clock back to America of the 1920s and 30s and the time of the speakeasy (also called a blind pig or blind tiger), and then at the end of the month we turn everything on its head at the Fool’s Day Sunday Brunch.

Earlier I talked about Hungaricums, and there is another programme in the elegant Le Bar Lobby where there is a special opportunity to sample quality Hungarian pálinka, distilled from a variety of fine fruits, in a relaxed atmosphere to the sound of background live jazz music.

Two of our colleagues help introduce our latest services in the spirit of The Year of New Momentum. Judit, Spa Manager, reveals what it is worth knowing about ESPA.

We also introduce our new service accessible online, which is unique within the Corinthia chain: the Virtual Planner offers assistance in the organization of various events, conferences and meetings.

Besides this there are many other interesting features: the latest chapter from the long and distinguished history of our hotel, we are introduced to Zsófia, who works in the F&B section, while Péter shares another one of his own recipes.

And of course life in the city continues to be busy, so we publish a guide of forthcoming programmes in Budapest.

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