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Interview with Attila Menyhárt, Pastry Chef:

Attila_Menyhart1. How long have you worked at the hotel?
I’ve been here since 15 April 2013. Coming on for a year now…
2. Which areas have you worked in, and where are you now?
I have worked in the hotel as Pastry Chef from day one.
3. What are your duties?
I have plenty of responsibilities. My goal is to establish the best confectionery in Hungary. I reorganized the production and we have made huge improvements to the quality and outward appearance of desserts. Put like this it does not sound much, but there is a lot more behind these sentences. Over the recent past we have achieved a position where – with the exception of bread and other bakery products – we make everything in-house. I am proud of my team of confectioners!
4. How is the hotel confectionery different, what specialities are you creating?
The good thing about a hotel is that its range is very extensive, we make everything that can be imagined in this profession, contrary to restaurant or confectionery production. We prepare many specialities. We have rethought several Hungarian desserts (Eszterházy, Lúdláb), but we also make Rosemary biscuits, Black pepper or even Rose cookies, and then again I might mention the Bayleaf Panna cotta and I could go on. There are no limits.
5. What was your happiest experience in relation to the hotel?
My happiest experience has been to work here with such a great team. I can prepare the desserts to the same standard as abroad, I have a free hand and finally I can make what I really like. I can renew the Hungarian desserts and there are no boundaries; if I have an idea, then I can go about realizing it as I want.
6. What do you enjoy doing in your easily spare time?
My work is also my hobby, so I spend a lot of time with the art of confectionery in my leisure, too. I frequently search the internet for the creations of other confectioners because it is possible to get good ideas from these. I also like nature and I enjoy sports, which provide additional energy.


2014_02_magazineOnce again we have exciting weeks ahead of us in
the final month of the winter, which this year has
worked out in a strange way because in effect the really
cold, wintery weather has only now arrived.

Despite this there is absolutely no lack of programs and
things to do. as valentine’s day approaches, we have
arranged three events to mark the occasion, one event is
‘chocolate lovers Week’, during which there is a
fantastic opportunity to experience the dolce vita in the
form of a perfected pairing of remarkably crafted
pralines and famed, fine Hungarian wines. naturally, we
couldn’t miss an intimate valentine’s day dinner, and of
course, we crown the week with sunday Brunch inspired
by the spirit of true love.
The chinese lunar new Year falls in early February, and
we invite you to celebrate in the rickshaw restaurant
where we are at your service with dishes specially made
for the occasion.
Among our themed and always entertaining and
pleasurable sunday Brunches it is well worth highlighting
the ancient Hungarian custom we bring to corinthia
toward the end of the month, that of the Busó festival,
in the course of which, during carnival season, revellers
dress in frightening masks to chase off the winter and
welcome in spring.
Our carnaval di rio Brunch is a distant relation of Busó
and also staged during carnival time: for this sunday we
welcome in a truly thrilling and colourful Brazilian
atmosphere complete with cocktails and samba dancers.
a good time for all is guaranteed, the hallmark of all our
sundays when we not only serve brunch but put
together a really entertaining program for all the family.
some truly out-of-the-ordinary drinks can be sampled at
le Bar. during royal alchemist Week, you have an
opportunity to sample cocktails of our own invention
served in glasses shaped like test tubes, and then there
is a genuinely one-of-a-kind creation: nothing other than
“drinking Your lunch – the Goulash cocktail”. don’t
miss it!
In this issue, we have included many other matters of
interest. there is the latest chapter in the long history of
our hotel; we introduce our pastry chef attila menyhárt,
while chef péter Bolyki shares another of his delicious
recipes. naturally, there is also plenty going on in the
city, so we cover many forthcoming programs in
Finally, I trust that you will enjoy the February edition of
our newsletter and that you will find within its pages
programs that are very much to your taste.

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2014_0209_LunarThe Chinese new year is celebrated in dramatic fashion by over 1.5 billion people worldwide. We at Corinthia are putting on an exclusive 5-day Lunar New Year event starring gourmet Oriental dishes in the Rickshaw Restaurant. Prepared by Chef Yang Zhi Yun, the 6-course menu features pan-fried tuna fish, pork dumplings and celery, Asian seafood soup with prawns and scallops, Singaporean noodles, steamed tiger prawn with ginger, garlic and bok choy, rounded off with warm ice cream and Grand Marnier (HUF 18,800 for 2 persons). Bring family and friends together in the authentic surroundings of the Rickshaw Restaurant for the start of the Year of the Horse!

Location: Rickshaw Restaurant

Date: 4-8 February 2014. 18:30-23:00

Price: 18,800 HUF per 2 persons

For further information and bookings, please contact us on +36 1 479 4850 or

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