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Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner

shutterstock_117709531_festive4_XMas_EveCelebrate the festive season in splendour with our sumptuous dining experiences. We have created our very own Winter Winderland with delectable Christmas delicacies, ice sculptures, oysters, French specialities, Mangalica pork and a huge cheese display. House wine, beer, soft drinks, coffee or tea included.

Date: 24 December 2014, from 6pm

Venue: Brasserie & Atrium Restaurant

Price: €52 | 15,500 HUF per person

– See more at:

For table reservation please contact us on +36 1 479 4720 or



Interview with Brigitta Dobozi, Accounts Payable

dobozi_brigitta_LZ4T20741. How long have you worked at the hotel?
Since 4 February 2008, exactly six years.

2. Which areas have you worked in, and where are you now?
I work on accountancy in the finance department, starting as Bookkeeper, then from 2011 in Accounts Payable.

3. What are your duties?
I account incoming invoices, taxes, salaries and accruals, I fill out taxation and other declarations, various data provision forms, and I am also responsible for reconciling analyses and all tasks associated with transfers.

4. What was your happiest experience in relation to the hotel?
In 2010, the Family Day was held in the hotel, when members of the family were guided around the hotel by heads of sections. Since there were quite a few of us from finance, our group was shown around by Mr. Meskál. My mother and sibling really enjoyed themselves and they still mention it to this day. It was also a great experience for me that I could show them what a lovely place I work in.

5. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
I really enjoy reading, so I always travel with a book in my hand.  I also paint although recently I have only done pictures as presents.

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