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The Grand Story
of Corinthia Hotel Budapest
by Tibor Meskal, Sr. Manager on Duty
Chapter 2

1896_02The Grand Hotel Royal was originally opened for visitors to the highly successful Millennium
Exhibition in 1896. A joint-stock company, established by the most important hotel owners, including
the chairman Frigyes Glück and the planner architect Rezsô Ray, had succeeded in purchasing
the largest piece of real estate on the newly developed Grand boulevard. By this time the Grand
boulevard had become the main artery of the capital city and the hotel rooms enjoyed superb
views of this most attractive part of Budapest. The official opening ceremony was May 1, 1896. The
hotel comprised 232 guest rooms, 20 individual apartments in the adjacent building and attic rooms
for the staff. The architectural style was French renaissance and the latest technology of the era was
used throughout.
To be continued…

More about our hotel’s history:
Andreas Augustin: The Most Famous Hotels in the World. – Grand Hotel Royal Budapest



Interview with Andrea Horváth, Senior Conference and Event Sales Manager

How long have you worked at the hotel? Where did you work before?

I worked here even before the reopening of the hotel; I joined the staff on September 16, 2002. At that time, almost all of the staff worked in temporary offices set up in the basement, where the storerooms are now. Prior to this i had never worked in a hotel and because of this i came across plenty of problems at the beginning. aside from a two-year break, I have always worked as the event organizer at the hotel.

The profession event organization covers a great deal. Which areas are you in charge of?

I have always dealt with event organization, it is the area i really know and love. the profession of event organization is extremely diverse; i am responsible for the local market. This means handle the sort of events where accommodation is not dominant, but rather the event itself: domestic conferences, press briefings, business breakfasts, balls, Christmas parties, and of course, very many beautiful, but challenging, weddings.

In all your years spent in the hotel, which was the event you have the fondest memories of,and why?

It would be difficult to pick just one because we have hosted interesting events. there are

so many that i remember with pleasure, events that have become close to me over the years. one such event is the story gala organized each year. during this event virtually every Hungarian celebrity is to be found circulating in the hotel. the conference in which Tony Blair, then Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, participated was important and interesting, and the us presidential election parties have been a great challenge, too.

I am sure that as an event organizer you are approached by guests with very unusual requests. Could you tell us about the most interesting?

I’ve worked in the profession for many years and come across very many interesting and strange questions, requests, but still perhaps the most surprising are when I am asked whether the hotel has a kitchen, a restaurant or furniture.

This year the hotel celebrates the 10th anniversary of its reopening. What sort of events are there related to this in 2013?

We will hold the 10th birthday party of the reopening of the hotel at the end of April, and to mark the occasion we will host Mr Alfred Pisani, founder and Chairman of Corinthia Hotels International, and the Maltese tourism minister. Furthermore, the hotel’s premium partners, prominent figures from the hospitality profession and public life will also take part. We have advertised an open day for the general public on May 26, when guests can see the hotel from a slightly different angle.


20130530_mystery_50x70aYour quest starts here !!

Who’s the man smoking a pipe and wearing a heavy raincoat? None other than Chief Inspector Maigret, in town to investigate the Mystery of the Royal. Be prepared for some subtle questioning, but solving a crime cannot be achieved without enjoying a three course menu and range of carefully selected wines. Now, who saw the Royal last?

WHEN: 30 May 2013, 6.30pm-10pm
WHERE: Corinthia Hotel Budapest, Brasserie Restaurant

The Corinthia Hotel Budapest’s newest game is based on a ‘robbery’, which circumstances should be detected by you as an inspector. If you are ready to join this adventure then reserve your participation via .

The brave detectives’ task to figure out Who? When? Where? Why? and how the robbery was commited.

Each game round has a story that describes the happenings and that will be the base of the investigation. The most important thing is to determine the starting point by guessing a quiz and then spot by spot you could get answers for the most important questions. If you figure out all the answers and find all the tracks then you wil have the solution of the robbery and win the game!

During the challenging mystery game we will invite you to a nice dinner and of course the winner will be prized with exclusive Corinthia presents.

*This programme is available only in Hungarian


Green & white asparagus with Cecina ham, Dried cherry tomato and basil salad

Slow Roasted duck breast with spring carrot purée. Potato gratin, glazed kohlrabi and Marsala

Summer Delight with Lemon sorbet

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