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Chef recommendsJoel Khalil, Executive chef of Corinthia Hotel Budapest joined the hotel having already established himself as a highly skilled professional on a number of continents. his last appointment was the position of the Executive chef of Sofitel Macau in Asia and prior to that he was working in Dublin, Switzerland, Tel Aviv, London, Brunei and Hong Kong. His international career experiences have inspired him to create some exciting, easy-to-make recipes. We invite you to cook with us and try Joel’s favorites.

Macaron filled with salted butter caramel (100 macarons)

liquid cream 35% 110g
butter 135g
sugar 195g
salt 2g
glucose 30g
milk chocolate 20g

Preparation for macaron daugh

Heat the butter and cream and salt in a small pot
• In a separate pot cook the sugar and glucose until it becomes a caramel. Slowly pour the warm cream mixture into the caramel to make a nice creamy caramel, then add the chocolate chopped into small pieces and mix well.
• Leave to cool and mix well with a whisk to make it slightly fluffy.

Ingredients for Macaron paste (200 pieces)
• sugar 125g
• water 30g
• egg whites beaten 50g
• icing sugar 125g
• almond powder 125g
• egg whites 45g
• egg white powder 2g
• optional coloring 1g

macaronPreparation for Macaron daugh
• heat the oven to 165c
• whisk the egg whites untill fluffy and hard, and at the same time, cook the sugar and
the water until 117c and pour into the egg whites,
• mix well the icing sugar and almond powder with the raw egg whites and egg whites
• add this mixture to the beaten egg whites and mix slowly and delecatly with a spatula
(macaroner in french) do not use a whisk for this mixture only a spatula.
• if you wish, add a coloring to the mixture at this time.
• place the mixture in a piping bag and pipe onto a silpat mat, or pastry paper drops in
the shape of macarons, and leave at room temperature for about 20 minutes to allow
macarons to become slightly crusty.
• place the tray in the over and cook for 10-12 minutes
leave to cool on the tray before removing.

Filling The macaron
• place the salted caramel in a piping bag and fill one side of a macaron with the filling
and cover with another side.


Manager OpenThe idea of organizing an Open Tennis Championship for managers was raised by Tamás Hámori, economist, former top sportsman and tennis coach, in the summer of 2005 at a conference on preserving the health of managers. He proposed the setting up of an annual tennis competition designed to get managers exercising and competing on a regular basis. Since then the championship has gradually expanded with the inclusion of different provincial rounds each year, and besides the traditional autumns matches there have, for many years, been local and regional heats in May, June and from the second half of August as well, where the top four pairs go through to the championship round.

This year, in a record-breaking season, 11 rounds are being organized. The organizers are trying to make sure that local tournaments become an important event for the host city. Corinthia Hotel Budapest is one of the main sponsors of this year’s series, and our colleagues are preparing for the championship at full speed.



2013_06_your corinthiaAwards we are proud of: Gogobot 2013 | Interview with Mónika Fülöp Executive Receptionist | Programs | Grand Story | CSR| Famous guest: Franco Nero | Guest photo: Royal Spa | Chef recommends: Pan fried salmon with asparagus risotto

June is the forerunner of summer, the time of rest and relaxation. In addition to the many Budapest open-air festivals, I can recommend programs with an interesting culinary twist as well as suggestions for leisure time. Throughout June we continue our themed sunday brunch series as we celebrate the start of the summer break that is of such importance for children, while we have also given thought to fathers and those who love Lake Balaton.

In June, the spotlightis on light, grilled dishes, salads and a variety of cocktails. However, the month also provides the opportunity to sample the fine wines of the Károly Áts cellar, Tokaj, winemaker of the year, for which our Executive Chef has created a complimentary five-course meal to make it a truly well rounded, exceptional gastronomic experience. Throughout the month, the Royal spa suggests a special form of relaxation that does not promise spectacular transformation after just one occasion, but that does endeavour to fill one with inner peace and harmony of body and soul.

As well as the various programs available in Budapest, I would like to draw your attention to our historical exhibition on the lower lobby level, which spans the more than 100 year history of our hotel. I sincerely hope that the June edition of our newsletter sparks your imagination, and that you find programs that meet your needs and spark your interests.

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