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Wishing you a wonderful festive season
filled with joy and happiness



Interview with Zsuzsa Bánhidi concierge.

Banhidi_ZsuzsaHow long have you worked at the hotel?
I started working here in July 2008.

Which area do you work in?

What are your duties?
I try to facilitate the comfort and convenience of guests and resolve their additional requests. Guests turn to the concierge when they would like to tour the city, choose a restaurant or rent a car. We arrange guests’ transfers and sort out taxis. On request, we can also book rail or plane tickets. Guests also seek the help of the head porter when they want to buy tickets for cultural events, the theatre, concerts or the opera. I have been a member of Les Clefs d’Or Hungary since last year. Thanks to the association I have been able to meet many people who work in senior positions in the hotel industry and who have developed my professional expertise.

What was your happiest experience in relation to the hotel?
I have had very many lovely moments in the course of my work. I have met, chatted with and helped several famous people. Unforgettable moments include when Gerard Depardieu and Eros Ramazotti asked me for restaurant recommendations, and when I arranged an admission ticket to Széchenyi Spa for Mark Feuerstein (who plays Dr. Lawson in the series Royal Pains).

However, a young English couple were the cause of my most memorable experience. Before their arrival the young man made contact with the Concierge to ask for our help since he wanted to propose to his girlfriend while in Budapest. Our luxury limousine was waiting for them at the airport. As a surprise, the hotel provided them with a room upgrade, and the room itself was decorated with roses. For the big moment, I recommended one of Budapest’s most romantic restaurants, which is inside the city’s most spectacular historical monument. I managed to book the couple an intimate table next to the window with a superb view of the whole capital. At the end of the evening they returned to the hotel by History limousine, which included a brief sightseeing tour by night. The next day the young betrothed pair asked for my help again: in order to make their Hungary trip totally memorable, they crowned it with a flight in a hot air balloon.
Before their departure they thanked me in person for all my help. In their letter of thanks they wrote that without my help their Budapest engagement could not have been such a success. At the time and since then I have often thought that this is why it is worth being a concierge.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
When I have time I really like going to art markets. One of my favourites is WAMP design, which features top Hungarian designers, artists and exhibitors. I have bought several one-off pieces of jewellery, bags and clothes at this fair. I like music a lot, especially when it is live. I am even prepared to travel abroad for a concert by my favourite ensemble.



mikulas_20131203_140We have organized a Santa Claus Ceremony for under-14-year-old children of members of staff. The event was once again held in the Exhibition Center, where we welcomed children with a variety of programmes.

They could participate in an interactive dance and music show before the arrival of Santa Claus, and there were also several handicrafts occupations and face painting. Both young and old enjoyed the programme very much, everyone danced, made magic and laughed a lot.

Once everyone had arrived, Santa’s ‘little helpers’ ushered Father Christmas in, and he then handed out presents in person to the children. Many had prepared poems and rhymes, while a few had made drawings for Santa Claus.
We hope everyone had a really good time!

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