Gourmet Festival

Gastro Boulevard Budapest debuts at the Gourmet Festival with a snappy crocodile dish for real gastro adventurers.

Rickshaw RollCorinthia Hotel Budapest is proud to present Gastro Boulevard Budapest, encompassing its 6-in-1 set of top class outlets. With the introduction of the Michelin-recommended Far Eastern Rickshaw last year, this is the second time the hotel presents its cuisine at the Gourmet Festival.
Our impressive booth allows visitors to sample the signature dish of this year’s festival, famed Hungarian paprikás csirke (chicken paprika) as well as an exciting hot-and-cold dessert with a blend of lively textures and flavours. But unquestionably, the biggest hit of Gastro Boulevard Budapest is going to be the crocoroll.

Peter Bolyki, Executive Chef of Corinthia Hotel Budapest, was somewhat mysterious but also very enthusiastic about this exceptional and special meal: “Luxury dining is not only about combining the most modern technologies with the finest quality ingredients. People, tastes and demands change. It is essential to come up with something surprising, interesting and unique, to be innovative, experimental, daring, but in a free and easy way. Tasting crocodile is a truly matchless experience. The mellow texture complements the sassy and exciting flavour of the meat with the right amount and selection of spices. We serve this meal as a real summer delicacy since it represents everything that this season is admired for: the heat, the temper and exotic adventures. I believe crocodile is going to be a popular and much loved meal, since it is pure, tender and served in a sophisticated yet exciting way.”

It is certainly worth visiting Gastro Boulevard Budapest at the Gourmet Festival and not only for the crocodile. The luckiest guests will also have the opportunity to win an amazing Sunday Brunch in the fabulous Corinthia Hotel Budapest.


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