Busó Brunch

buso1One of Hungary’s most enduring customs, steeped in tradition and mystery, is the Busó festival where revellers wearing fearsome looking masks and shaggy sheepskin coats parade to the sound of rattles, and everyone enjoys a great feast of the heartiest provincial fare. One story goes that the masks were to scare off occupying Ottoman troops from Mohács in southern #Hungary, while another explanation is that they drive away winter and herald the arrival of spring. Whatever, this Busó Brunch includes a whole range of farm delicacies and fiery fruit brandy, a woodcarver shapes a Busó mask during the meal and a girls’ ensemble performs regional dances.

LOCATION: Brasserie & Atrium #Restaurant

DATE: February 1, 12:00-16:00

Table reservation: cuisine.budpest@corinthia.com

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