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Interview with Mónika Tumbász Assistant Executive Housekeeper

Tumbasz_Monika1. How long have you worked at the hotel?
My first working day was 8 November 2010. I still remember that during the first few days I thought I would never find my way around this vast hotel.

2. Which areas have you worked in, and where are you now?
Right from the very first day I have worked in Housekeeping as deputy to Lívia.
Although I had some experience in this area since I was Housekeeping manager in several hotels, here I come across completely different challenges virtually every single day.

3. What are your duties?
Housekeeping management in a place this size is a very complex task.
The basic job of the section is to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of the whole hotel. My job is to make sure that everyone understands the standards, what level of service we must give, and we provide every assistance to guarantee this.
I make sure that every day there are sufficient numbers of staff members on duty so that everything goes smoothly. If necessary, I hold courses, I organize the ‘spring cleanings’, and I also coordinate expiry dates for minibar products. So in a word, my job is the operation.

4. What was your happiest experience in relation to the hotel?
My favourite time of year is the Christmas period. I love the run-up to Christmas. Even in my previous workplaces I had the good luck to take part in the decoration of the hotel and the Christmas tree, as I do here.
Even so, this experience was different and even more special than earlier, mainly because we had to decorate in all its seasonal glory a tree measuring over 6 metres. It was impossible to dress the tree – positioned on the ballroom stairway – from a ladder. Without scaffolding we would not have had a chance. True, the work that took all night left us feeling quite jaded. Sometimes it even appeared as though we would never get the job finished and looking just right for the hotel. Our work was made all the more difficult because the stairway meant we simply could not get to the back of the tree. But I have to say that human ingenuity is boundless. We began from the balustrade in front of the ballroom, literally throwing the decorations on the tree. We came across many challenges, but finally finished, and in the meantime the sun had come up and it was breakfast time. The first guests, on seeing the huge tree, couldn’t believe their eyes and just stared…

5. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
I rarely have much leisure time after this job and being with my family.
My son, Dávid, plays basketball, so there are one or two matches virtually every weekend. So just like all other enthusiastic parents, we, too, take our place by the court and cheer the team on. I was never a great sports fan but I really enjoy and look forward to this programme.
Besides this, what relaxes me and I really like is gardening. I love planting bulbs in spring and pottering around the garden. I enjoy travelling, visiting new places and countries. Unfortunately I have ever less opportunities to do this.

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