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20141006_YCMIn the wake of an extremely wet September we trust that we will all be able to enjoy an Indian Summer in October. However, irrespective of the weather, our hotel has plenty of great programmes to offer.

Our themed Sunday Brunches are in full swing again, with entertainment at the focal point.

In autumn, as the supply of fresh fruits gradually begins to dwindle, honey is of increasing significance in our nutrition, therefore the topic of our first brunch is, naturally enough, the showcasing of specialities featuring honey, and how these delicacies get to the table. After this you can submerge yourselves in the Atlantic Ocean where seafood takes centre stage. And having crossed to the other side of the ocean, it is time to experience the colourful world of Mexico. After spicy Mexican food, the final brunch of the month is devoted to the delicious Hungarian sausage kolbász. October would not be October without a beer festival. For two whole weeks, a wide variety of beers will be the main attraction in Le Bar Lobby.

We have great pleasure in reporting that our hotel won the prestigious Europe Prize at the Global Awards ceremony of the Cristal international standards centre. This is official recognition that the hotel reached and continuously maintained, to an outstanding level, the highest standards of health and safety provisions in Europe, and that we invested significant energy into ensuring that all our guests enjoy a safe and pleasurable stay in our hotel.

This month’s edition provides another insight into the life and work of one of our long serving colleagues, Attila Bencze, pool attendant at the Royal Spa.

Péter from the kitchen shares another fine recipe and in order that this dish can be accompanied by a dessert, Attila, our Pastry Chef, reveals his very own chocolate and sea salt caramel éclair recipe.

The Royal Spa takes care of our spiritual and physical wellbeing this autumn. Furthermore, we can learn about the benefits of Espa Body Butter, something that would make the perfect gift.

I trust that you will enjoy the October edition of our journal and you will find within its pages programmes that meet your needs and interests.


Your Corinthia Magazine 2014 October by Corinthia Hotel Budapest

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