Grand Story 15.

The Grand Story of Corinthia Hotel Budapest by Tibor Meskal, Sr. Manager on Duty Chapter 15

1900_RoyalThe hotel was always fully booked. A Viennese businessman, who wanted to attend a trade fair in Budapest in march 1897, reported back home in surprise: ’I wonder whether this is standard in this part of the empire; at the Royal in Budapest one should book well in advance to secure a room!’ what sounds quite normal today was an exception in those days. Hotels relied mainly on ’walk-ins’, people who arrived and ’walked into’ the hotel and negotiated their room on the spot. Most travellers chose spontaneously where to stay. Often the decision was influenced by a smart gang of porters, who approached travellers at the station advertising the ’best’ or ’cheapest’ accommodation in town. Hotels used to announce: ’all trains are met by representatives of the hotel’ or ’ Runners meet all ships’. The Royal was also an epicentre of hungarian patriotism. Following the consent of his majesty the King, the Royal hungarian automobile Club held its inaugural meeting at the hotel on 30 november 1900.

More about our hotel’s history: Andreas Augustin: The Most Famous Hotels in the World. – Grand Hotel Royal Budapest http://www.famoushotels.org/article/631

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