Grand Story 14.

The Grand Story of Corinthia Hotel Budapest by Tibor Meskal, Sr. Manager on Duty Chapter 14

spa002From today’s modern hospitality standards, it is very entertaining to look back to the „good old days” of the grand hotel Royal. The clientele of the hotel was so diversified, as to include international travelers, business men. Intellectuals, artists amd writers, that a permanently high occupancy was almost guaranteed.
When the Grand Hotel Royal opened its doors in 1896, its guests enjoyed the close proximity to the neighbourhood spa facilities. But from 1902 the Boulevard spa was directly connected to the hotel. Hotel guests walked straight from their rooms to the warm springs of the wave bath, enjoying the soft smell of pine needle aroma therapies, a massage after a long train ride and the treatments of the revolutionary elecrtic bath.
With its own spa, the Royal became famous beyond the borders of hungary. not only did it represent the only high-class accommodation of international standards in the capital, but now it also offered the relaxing and healing powers of a spa, with all the modern facilities yesterday’s traveller could want.

More about our hotel’s history: Andreas Augustin: The Most Famous Hotels in the World. – Grand Hotel Royal Budapest http://www.famoushotels.org/article/631

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