Grand Story 13.

The Grand Story of Corinthia Hotel Budapest by Tibor Meskal, Sr. Manager on Duty Chapter 13

1908_royal kavehazThe hotel was quickly and affectionately nicknamed ’Royal’. A group of staff even formed an association
called the ’Royalists’. Hungarian artists, journalists and writers soon discovered the splendid conveniences
of living in a hotel. Some even moved in for good. Aristocrats left their castles and country
homes – which were expensive to maintain over the winter months – and rented entire suites at the
hotel for the cold season. Winter was the period of exciting cultural life in the city, while summers
were exclusively reserved for their country homes. Artists who did not have permanent homes tried to
establish their ’nest’ at the hotel where they could meet in the evening to discuss common concerns.

Actors and their audiences, as well as Hungary’s leading artists, painters, sculptors and writers, chose
the coffee house of the Royal. They founded the Royal Artists’ Club, a veritable institution with its
very own table rules. If an ordinary guest wanted to sit at a table next to the ’Royalists’ (Royalisták), he
had to come up with a ’donation’. This was paid into a sort of pension fund, and should a member of the club run low or out money he received a support from this fund.

An interesting rule of the Royal Arists’ Club was that disputes between artists were only accepted as
dialogues. No more than two members of the club could be engaged in an argument at the same time.
this exchange of diverging or opposite views was also held in public, with the guests at the coffee
house as an audience.

More about our hotel’s history: Andreas Augustin: The Most Famous Hotels in the World. – Grand Hotel Royal Budapest http://www.famoushotels.org/article/631


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