The Grand Story 8.

The Grand Story
of Corinthia Hotel Budapest
by Tibor Meskal, Sr. Manager on Duty
Chapter 8

Gluck_Frigyes1890’s – The building. Next to the spa was a large plot of land , still empty and unused. in 1894 a handful of Hungarian entrepreneurs realised that a social centre the magnitude of the spa called for a nearby luxurious
hotel. That same year a group of hoteliers established the „Royal Nagyszálloda Részvénytársaság,” the Royal Grand Hotel company’, with a registered capital of 1.2 million forint. The chairman of this
group of eminent gentlemen was Frigyes Glück, while members of the board included his brother
Károly and rezsô ray, the swiss-born hungarian architect. In no time at all the Grand Hotel Royal limited company bought the vast plot of land next to the ’bathing institution’, the spa at Erzsébet ring. The three lots of land carried the topographical numbers 4769, 4770 and 4771. Together these sites made up the biggest building site – 31,500 square meters – on the entire boulevard, stretching from Erzsébet ring to Hársfa street, an area housing an old hospital and the former poorhouse of the Budapest Trade Association. Both these buildings absorbed into the construction plans.

To be continued…

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