The Grand Story 7.

The Grand Story
of Corinthia Hotel Budapest
by Tibor Meskal, Sr. Manager on Duty
Chapter 7

1910khomlokzat_szinesThe Royal Spa – With all its bright new buildings this street looked fantastic. There were new theatres, restaurants, apartment blocks and even a spa. In 1886 the architect Vilmos Freund had built a luxurious ’bathing institution’ almost at the corner of Király street and the splendid Elizabeth boulevard. The pool of
that new institution , equipped with a machine generating waves, was the sensation of the town. It’s ’treatment rooms’ contained steam and electric baths, a pneumatic chamber and a medical room with cold – water treatment. This spa was the meeting place for a select group of distinguished businessmen. Like a coffehouse, it was an ideal place to discuss important matters in privacy.

To be continued…

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