The Grand Story

The Grand Story
of Corinthia Hotel Budapest
by Tibor Meskal, Sr. Manager on Duty
The beginning – Chapter 1

1896_Erzsebet_krtWhen visitors to Budapest are walking on Elizabeth boulevard toward Octogon square, they pass a remarkably beautiful French renaissance building, the legendary Grand Hotel Royal – today Corinthia Hotel Budapest. Upon seeing such an inviting sight, one may not consider the great history
behind the old walls.

The route of the Grand boulevard (Nagykörút) was marked out during the 1870’s use along with Andrássy Street, Budapest’s most impressive avenue. The road went through a thinly populated part of suburban budapest, so its development was rather slow, and only a few buildings were constructed in the 1870’s. The real development of the Grand boulevard began once Andrássy Avenue was completed in 1884.

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