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Corinthia_20131030_1509_1920p5-star master of care and attention – on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the reopening of Corinthia Hotel Budapest the hotel presented its designer staff uniforms ornamented with Hungarian motifs

Following the total renovation of the old Grand Hotel Royal, inaugurated in 1896 to coincide with the Budapest World Exhibition, Corinthia Hotel Budapest (launched: 2003) is actually the capital’s oldest and one of its largest 5-star hotels. It is a member of the Corinthia Hotel Group, which currently has houses in eight countries around the globe. As part of the series of events marking the anniversary of the reopening of the hotel in 2003, unique staff uniforms created by fashion designer Tünde Hrivnák were presented. Hostess for the fashion show was celebrity TV presenter Éva Novodomszky.

The evening started with a press briefing attended by Tünde Hrivnák, fashion designer, Éva Novodomszky, presenter, Thomas M Fischer, GM of the hotel, and Gábor Döry, communications director.

“Corinthia Hotel Budapest is operating with a full house in October as well. While our guests are mainly foreigners, domestic guests are primarily attracted by our cultural programmes and events. Our unique ballroom and state-of-the-art function rooms, restaurants, the Royal Spa – special even in 5-star hotel terms – and our Melodies and Dinner programme showcasing famous artists are also extremely popular. The last mentioned event is an evidence for our efforts to make our hotel available to the public. For instance the formerly held ‘Open Day’ and the ‘Behind the scenes’ tour serves this purpose as well. This year we are commemorating the 10th year anniversary of our hotel’s reopening and the new uniform fashion show will be a highlight of this celebration season,” Mr Fischer added.

“The message of the new staff uniforms introduced now in connection with the 10th anniversary celebrations is about the entwining of the values of old and new eras. They authentically reflect the philosophy of Corinthia Hotel Budapest combining tradition with innovation – planning the future as an innovator while retaining traditional values. The new uniforms displaying our traditions in an innovative manner are the creations of fashion designer Tünde Hrivnák, who is known for her elegant outfits ornamented with original, hand-embroidered Hungarian motifs, thus preserving the complex traditions and values of handicraft manufacture. The patterns featured on the one-off designed uniforms of Corinthia Hotel Budapest are unique symbols of our national culture – through them foreign guests staying in the hotel come into direct contact with our traditions,” emphasized Éva Novodomszky.

“When the hotel management contacted me and commissioned me to design the first one-off, hand-embroidered uniforms, my first thought concerning the ornamentation of the clothing was the old Kalocsa motifs. The oldest patterns of our culture are characterized by single-colour embroideries. As concerns their display on the uniforms, I considered elegance to be the most important aspect. When meeting in person, our outfit is very important in creating a first impression and it relays a critical message. The Corinthia uniform collection I have created is characterized by restrained elegance and style, which harmonizes with the elegant interior of the hotel itself. The uniforms are made from high quality wool fabric and natural cotton material. The hand-embroidered, detailed piping ornamentation makes these uniforms with classical lines truly unique,” said fashion designer Tünde Hrivnák.

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