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sanyiInterview with Sándor Fehér, Store Supervisor
For how long have you been working at this hotel? Tell us what your job is and
what your responsibilities are?

I originally trained as a confectioner and to begin with i found work in this area in a small hotel for three years. After this, I applied for a job as a storekeeper with the Corinthia Hotel Budapest. By a strange and perhaps fortunate coincidence, the interview was on my birthday. During the interview I was successful in convincing the management that I would be their best choice. At the moment my job is to arrange the storage and issuance of storeroom items that arrive in the hotel, and of course handle any related administration. I order products working in close coordination with procurement. I also participate in the end-of-month storeroom audit. If needed, I am pleased to help the food & beverage department in their audit or goods acceptance as well. I am always happy to take up such opportunities because they promote communication between departments, reinforce solidity and allow me to glimpse the activities of other areas.

What was your happiest experience during these many years spent at the hotel?
I have worked at the hotel since 18 november 2002, and in that time i have had many very pleasant experiences, so perhaps for this reason it is very difficult to highlight just one. and yet, if I did have to chose, then I would like to share one of the nicest personal experiences I have had here. I am a big football fan, and particularly for the Real Madrid team, something that my colleagues know all too well. there was a time when Barcelona won a whole series of titles, while Real Madrid was on the losing side. during this losing streak, I
was ribbed quite a lot. Then, as it generally happens, one fine day the situation turned around and I was able
to return all the teasing to my colleagues. To my great pleasure, I would add, and to the dismay of the losers!

What do you enjoy doing in your leisure time?
When I’m not working, I prefer quieter forms of relaxation. I particularly like and
am interested in Italian gastronomy, the flavours of Italian cooking. I enjoy sports and I always try to catch Chelsea and Real Madrid matches. I will shortly be able to represent the Corinthia Team at the Amcham Sports Day. I like Formula 1, I am a big fan of Hamilton.

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