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Express Treatment of the month: Marine or brown sugar body scrub

Royal Spa July spaThe aromatherapy and the sea salt or brown sugar crystals calm the body, relax the muscles and smooth the skin for a natural healthy glow. Your whole body will receive a rejuvenating sense of well-being.

Benefits of Exfoliation
Exfoliating your body can improve the results of your skin care routine and help rejuvenate your skin, it doesn’t matter if you have dry, normal, oily or sensitive skin. The process of exfoliation rids the body of any dry, dull skin by removing dead skin cells from the surface of the epidermis. By removing these dead cells, exfoliation can help keep pores from becoming clogged and leave skin with a refreshed and clean feeling.

In addition to the immediate visual benefits of exfoliation, the removal of dead skin cells speeds up the skin renewal process, simplex allowing smoother, healthier skin cells to take their place.
For further information about the treatment and reservation please contact our Royal Spa on +36 1 479 4650 phone number or royalspa@corinthia.com email address.

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