Chef recommends

Marinated and seared sea scallop with lime air and rouille

(Recipe for 2 persons)

Chef recommendsIngredients


  • Sea scallops 6 pcs
  • Grated ginger 10 gr
  • Fresh lemon juice 20 ml
  • Extra virgin olive oil 50 ml
  • Fresh sprouts 15 gr
  • Salt & pepper to taste

Basic rouille

  • Red bell pepper 1 pc
  • Baked potato 1 pc
  • Tomato purée 1 tbsp
  • Egg yolk 1 pc
  • Garlic glove 1 pc
  • Salt & cayenne pepper to taste
  • Olive oil 125 ml
  • Croutons 4 pcs

Week27_chefDecoration (optional)

  • Micro herbs for decoration
  • Dried black olive powder
  • Spinach pesto
  • Red bell pepper coulis

Lime Air

  • Lime juice 225 gr
  • Water 275 gr
  • Lecite 1.5 gr



• Place 1 roasted red pepper, deseeded, in a food processor with

flesh of the baked potato, tomato purée, egg yolk, garlic clove

and the seasoning.

• Work the ingredients in the machine to a puree, then add the

extra virgin olive oil while the machine is running and work

until smooth and thick. Taste for seasoning. Set aside.

• Toast the croutons and pipe some of the rouille on the

toasted crouton.

• For the different colored rouille remove the bell peppers and

add Fresh spinach juice, and for the yellow add Saffron.


• Slice the scallops to marinate evenly in 4 thin slices, sprinkle

with the salt, grated ginger then dressing with extra virgin

olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Week27_chef2 Season the remaining 2 pieces of scallops with salt and pepper

and sear in a hot non stick pan with olive oil, for a minute or

two until slightly caramelized or browned, do not overcook

the scallops.

Lime Air

• Mix the 3 ingredients in a bowl, place the hand blender on

the surface of the liquid and activate to produce the foam,

leave to stabilise for one minute and collect the lime air

formed on the surface.


• On a plate, start by placing the sliced marinated scallop in a

rosace shape, then the colourful rouille croutons and the hot

seared scallop

• Decorate with items listed and finish with the lime air


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