Mystery of Royal

20130530_mystery_50x70aYour quest starts here !!

Who’s the man smoking a pipe and wearing a heavy raincoat? None other than Chief Inspector Maigret, in town to investigate the Mystery of the Royal. Be prepared for some subtle questioning, but solving a crime cannot be achieved without enjoying a three course menu and range of carefully selected wines. Now, who saw the Royal last?

WHEN: 30 May 2013, 6.30pm-10pm
WHERE: Corinthia Hotel Budapest, Brasserie Restaurant
MORE INFORMATION AND TABLE RESERVATION: +36 1 479 4800 | szabolcs.timku@corinthia.com | corinthia.com

The Corinthia Hotel Budapest’s newest game is based on a ‘robbery’, which circumstances should be detected by you as an inspector. If you are ready to join this adventure then reserve your participation via cuisine.budapest@corinthia.com .

The brave detectives’ task to figure out Who? When? Where? Why? and how the robbery was commited.

Each game round has a story that describes the happenings and that will be the base of the investigation. The most important thing is to determine the starting point by guessing a quiz and then spot by spot you could get answers for the most important questions. If you figure out all the answers and find all the tracks then you wil have the solution of the robbery and win the game!

During the challenging mystery game we will invite you to a nice dinner and of course the winner will be prized with exclusive Corinthia presents.

*This programme is available only in Hungarian


Green & white asparagus with Cecina ham, Dried cherry tomato and basil salad

Slow Roasted duck breast with spring carrot purée. Potato gratin, glazed kohlrabi and Marsala

Summer Delight with Lemon sorbet

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