ycm_201503After the gloomy, grey days of winter, the reawakening of nature is colored by
the first flowers of spring. We are able to sense the energy, the excitement and the joy of longer and brighter days. Therefore, we are happy to let the sunshine in and present a host of colourful for your enjoyment programs in March.

First, in honor of Womens’ Day, we are pleased to celebrate and pamper all
women with flowers, fragrances and a gourmet brunch on March 8. Also on this
occasion, Le Bar is proud to present a brand-new Baileys selection, dedicating
all the glasses of this smooth, aromatic liqueur to the ladies. In accordance with
tradition, at our March 15 brunch we remember the iconic historical characters
of the Hungarian War of Independence in 1848 with real ‘Hungaricum’ dishes,
drinks and music. In the second half of the month, it is time to take a glance
at Transylvanian culture and cuisine on March 22, and to our utter delight, we also turn things around a bit for All Fools’ Day on March 29.

We simply couldn’t omit the regular, but at the same time always unusual and
special, monthly recipes of our executive chef Peter Bolyki. Another outstanding
colleague of ours, senior therapist and ESPA in-house trainer of the Royal Spa
Orsolya Gyimesi, introduces herself and talks about her impressions, experiences
and career.

The cultural and leisure opportunities of Budapest abound and our concierge
team is always happy to recommend new programs to provide more insight into the
life of our enchanting capital. I trust that you will enjoy this month’s edition of our newsletter and you will find within its pages programs that meet your needs and interests and that best suit your taste.

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Corporate Social Responsibility at Corinthia Hotel Budapest

CHB - Jótékonysági ételosztás 2015.02.13.-21At the beginning of 2014, induced by the sense of personal responsibility of our employees, Corinthia Hotel Budapest was eager to start its own CSR program. It is our labor of love to make a stand for noble causes and to feel the importance and joy of volunteering.
We continually cooperate with charitable organisations, like the Hungarian Red Cross and the Magic Lamp Wish Fulfilling Foundation, in order to provide professional social assistance. As such, last year we had the opportunity to take part in the program of the Hungarian Santa Factory, and this February we also organised a voluntary blood donation and a free meal serving. The combined forces of our team, representing every level and department across the organisation, prepared 1320
portions of freshly cooked potato goulash that was served by colleagues at the hotel canteen and at five different points around Budapest for people in need. The Corinthia Hotel Budapest CSR team has nine regular members and an increasing number of volunteers for individual campaigns.

Last month, 48 employees took part in the meal serving and blood donation. This is a good indication of the impressive progress our CSR program is making. We trust that with and beyond the actual donations and actions, we are helping by leveraging our own strengths and resources to raise awareness of the importance of corporate philanthropy, and encourage society to pay more attention to each other and contribute to the development of social responsibility.


Corinthia Hotel Budapest was attending at the Success Day as an exhibitor and main partner in the Papp László Budapest Sportarena. Great event with many valuable performers. The star of the Day was Arnold Schwarzenegger with a brilliant performance and shared great thoughts for the audience.

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